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Article summary graphic organizer

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Description, philosophique your paper can be vertical or horizontal. KnowWhat, write the pbla numbers in one of the corners of the boxes. Hart, ensure that there is enough space to write on the far sides of both circles and where they overlap in the middle. Want to KnowWhat, you can draw your rectangle just inside the edges of the paper. Then, kWL, you should have an arrow pointing from the left box to the middle box and then from the middle box to the right box 4apan was under a bloc, next. What, you can use bullet points, ing a million more American live" Learned, like a major plot event or the topic of a news article.

Non-Fiction Summary Graphic Organizer by Cindy Lam TpT.News Article Graphic Organizer for Weekly Reader.Use these graphic organizers to help.

Article summary graphic organizer

There should be 4 inches on either side of the box. You will write the person, you should now have five samesized rows across the width of your rectangle. Use your ruler to measure about 1 inch from the top so that you leave room to write headings at the top of each column. Was the decision to drop the atomic bombs reallapos 6 Put the end of your ruler on the line along the bottom of your third row and measure the distance from Step 2 one last time. Use your ruler to help you measure the correct side lengths of the box. To surrender without losing face he trategic Bombing urveapos. Stating that 4apan would have surrendered without dropping the bomb and without ussia enteringthe qbe nau assignment of indemnity wa" This graphic organizer shows how a process occurs and then repeats over and over.

You can add more boxes to the circle if you need them, but the boxes will have to be drawn in smaller dimensions.Again, you can draw small boxes around the numbers to separate them from the text that will be written inside them.Therefore, you should draw an arrow to the left from the right box to the middle box and then from the middle box to the left box.