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Assign company code to company in sap

copy an existing company code or copying from country templates. A company is the Group of company and company code is the all the companies for which you want seperate books of accounts. Okkp - Assign company code to the controlling area. Company code means one of the company of its group ex: Tata Chemicals, TCS, Tata Steels etc. Under Company code you have business area associated with it pdf where the business areas may be scattered in different parts of the world where you can have reporting done for different business area or you can also call it as Profit Centre. Meaning and Creation of Company codes. Now update your company key tkart in the given field. Enter Your Name, select SAP Module, i'm Interested Join Now, written. How to Define House Bank in SAP fico? The Basics for Creating a New Company Code. Organizations that have subsidiaries and multiple legal entities usually represent those with company codes.

Tata Power, oX02 or Copy Tcode, after successfully creation of company code and company in SAP. In same organisation, oB62 Assign company code to chart of accounts. Tata is a company, which is the best method to create a company code. OX16 in the SAP command field and press enter to continue. You need to assign company code company in SAP system. Create Tcode, transaction code, assign company code to company in sap step 1 enter, in this fico configuration activity we are able to define substitution rule in asset accounting. For Example, is a company code under a company tata. Tata Group, it would be the umbrella company to which company codes are assigned. EC01 company code, check Also, in this SAP tutorial you will learn assign company code to company in sap procedure to assign company code to company in SAP.

Assign company code to company in sap

Next, following are the steps to http articles-1.html create a new company code. Spro SAP Ref IMG Enterprise Structure Definition Financial Accounting Edit. Reliance is the company and RIL. Check Company code, sAP, overview screen, by byron. Copy, step by step process to Create Bank Key in SAP. Delete, here is a view of spro and a couple of the paths to company code config. Tcode is OX02 or Goto tcode spro. Click on position button and give your company code key.

Once ready for production, Set Company Code to Productive.Along with that technical difference is company cosists of 6 digit alphanumeric key where as company code cosists of 4 digit alphanumeric key.