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Colloidal silver uti topical

You may remember my emailing you a question about how much to use. I take the silver about every other day (2 tbsp). My doctor had me scheduled to see a specialist. In mice, mortality from Pseudomonas aeruginosa wound infections was reduced from 90.3. Usually I get so sick with the flu and it takes up to six weeks for me to get completely over. Because cystitis in children can be promoted by abnormalities in the urinary tract, children with cystitis (especially those under age 5) deserve special follow-up to prevent later kidney damage. Colloidal silver, as a powerful antibiotic and antifungal agent, can make your environment just as healthy as it can make your body. Colloidal silver is an inexpensive healing agent and disinfectant that has a myriad of applications. So, back on the water, one extra dose a day of the silver, and next day, colloidal silver uti topical boom right back to old self again! You say that you are taking 20 ppm per day. He never advised me that I should be taking anything to build up my natural immunities which I am now taking also. What can I say? My labs came back negative. I drank no water or cranberry juice- the flushing trick doesnt work. Gargling with this formula and then swallowing it, every four hours, can help knock out local bacterial and viral infections in the throat and trachea. Coli) bacteria and the fungus Candida albicans. If bacteria multiply faster than they can be removed, a UTI results. Colloidal Silver is a naturally antibacterial, (effective on over 650 different forms of bacteria, amoxicillin and penicillin are effective on 10 15 different forms of bacteria) and does not cause antibiotic resistant strains of bacterial to grow, nor does it adversely affect the good flora. An adult mouse probably drinks about 2 ml of fluid per day and weighs about 25 gram. I finally asked to go with her to her doctor to talk to him about why it keeps coming back. Her boyfriend was seriously burned as a child and the Drs used the colloidal silver to treat him, and with great success. It can also occur when instruments are inserted into the urinary tract (such as during catheterization or cystoscopy. A Physician's Guide to Natural Healing Products that Work. Jill n Westley Testimonial 9 Just wanted to thank you for your order of Colloidal Silver.

Attaining Medical Self Efficiency An Informed Citizens Guide by Duncan Long. Page 40 At the beginning of your health improvement efforts and several times each year. The Natural Way to Heal by Walter Last. In elderly people, you can take a remedial course of colloidal silver for several weeks to keep down any undesirable microbes that indigenous newspaper articles have arisen. Denise Testimonial 11 Colloidal silver has really helped my bladder infections. I have been using advanced colloidal silver since November 2002 and have not had a bladder infection since that time. Lemon, testing, cuts, i will have to get some of the advanced CS sometime. And bee propolis with 10 drops of colloidal silver are also helpful. Colloidal Silver is designed to be used topically and internally. It can be used on toothaches and mouth sores.

Topical application of ionic silver is applicable only to diseases on the skin caused by bacteria, viruses, fungus and insects.In your case, you might as well take it orally so that your intestines and other internal organs where the ionic silver passes will be cleansed.

Colloidal silver uti topical

Gladly, uTIs are more common in women than in men. It is a safe and proven topical antibiotic that may cautiously be used internally. In this sense, i purchased a small bottle 2 oz at our local health store and immediately started Mom taking. I told him sure, these studies usually include both an ultrasound of the kidneys and an xray taken during colloidal Urination called a voiding cystourethrogram or vcug. These juices will create acidic urine but not acid in the body which creates an unfavorable environment for bacteria in the urine and bladder.

I didnt get the flu this year either.Hill points out the silver taken in excess can be harmful.Of course, you shouldn't use just any colloidal product out there, either.