Example of science writing in journalism

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Current event debate topics

presented them in class. Do School Cafeterias Contribute to how does technology affect us essay the Rise in Childhood Obesity? Resolved: That chain stores are detrimental to the best interests of the American public. Are Low-Fat Foods the Healthier Alternatives? Resolved: That the federal government should adopt the policy of equalizing educational opportunity throughout the nation by means of annual grants to the several states for public elementary and secondary education. (And its unlikely anyone would start a bar brawl over any of these topics, so they should be safe.) But these types of people do they need a wide variety of topics to argue about, and if they can argue about a topic theyre interested in, its. Resolved: That the federal government should provide a system of complete Medical care available to all citizens at public expense. Resolved: That the federal government should establish, finance, and administer programs to control air and/or water pollution in the United States. So skim the list and pick issues that interest you. Hot debate topics for mechanical engineering students may not be as hot for electrical engineers as debate topics specifically for electrical engineering students are. But, perhaps unsurprisingly, the broad topic that seems to engage students the most? Student Editorial Contest (to be announced on Feb. Are sports athletes role models? Resolved: That Social Security benefits should be extended to include complete medical care. 13 current debate topics for engineering students is meant specifically for the contrary engineer. Others are classic debate issues like government regulation and gun violence. Schools should shift from a nine month school year to year-round schooling. Should there be stronger limits on immigration? They come up almost daily, whether youre an engineer or not. Are spectator sports overemphasized in America today? Resolved: That the United States should substantially change its foreign policy toward Russia., resolved: That the federal government should establish a policy to substantially increase renewable energy use in the United States., resolved: That the federal government should establish a program to substantially reduce juvenile. Resolved: That the federal government should guarantee a minimum annual income to each family unit. Resolved: That governmental financial support for all public and secondary education in the United States be provided exclusively by the federal government. Should professional athletes who break the law (via drug use, illegal gambling, domestic abuse, etc.) be banned from their professional sport in addition to doing jail time?

Personal encounter, resolved, not genetic factors, that the United States should establish a current system of compulsory service by all citizens. Should parentspectators be required to sign a Spectator Expectation Code of Conduct. Youre dealing with technology almost constantly. That the federal government should establish a comprehensive program to significantly increase the energy independence of the. Citizens living in poverty, resolved, does video violence effects the teenage brain.

Tablets or laptops for all students. That the United States foreign aid should be substantially increased. Resolved, should Sodas and Sugary Snacks be Sold in Vending common app college essay Machines at Schools and Bake Sales be Banned. That the several states should enact legislation providing for compulsory unemployment insurance.