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Essay on communoication technology with references

in the world and its also the worst thing that happen in the world. Technology has helped shy individuals pursue more friendships leading to more communication. Both individuals and business use communication technology to get what they need. No need to see papers and files every where in the office. These devices can also cause cancers due to the constant exposer of the artificial light rays from the devices we use every day, even the common foods that we eat can get use sick after a while because of all the chemicals being used, back. Some employees might have a fear of face-to-face expression, but these employees might have relevant suggestions or contributions which can help the organization grow, so they can easily use technological tools like electronic mail to voice out their concerns. Speeds decision making in an journal topics for high school organization : Since communication technology speeds the transfer of information, employees in an organization can easily consult each other and analyze information in a shortest period and make a decision. . Improves organizational communication : Communication technology helps in the creation of a shared information environment in an organization. . This new technological era that we live in is affecting us big time now we cant express ourselves that well now due to the constant use of technology, we dont feel comfortable speaking to other people in person we rather call or text or even. Even though the shy ones will benefit from this technology, but they will also be denied the chance to learn how to interact with others. So all parties will be active since their work is being made simple by easy communication. But with electronic mail, you can simply draft an email and send it new york times bannon article to your superior or workmate. So technology causes communication problems and health problems and also it lets a person lose their ability to write properly they use the shorten words instead of the full word. Now we are living in a technological world now and we cant live without. Not Safe : Since information has been centralized under one database, it is exposed to people with wrong intention with in the organization. With communication technology, all this will be eliminated because there is no face-to-face communication.

Which affects their lives in many ways Lynne Keaten. Advantages OF communication technology IN AN organization. This is why these individuals begin communicating via email. So the use of communication technology will help them communicate effectively at work 4 New Communication Technologies To Improve Organizational Communication. And many more types of technology that avoids instant responses and the anxiety of being in the presence of another person. Lets say that an organization has over 50 employees and they want them to access information from a centralized location. So it is a wrong character. Related, stereotyping of employees can result into poor performance and lack of self esteem amongst employees. All data is stored on the database.

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Jul 12, 2015 Communication Technology is the activity of designing and constructing and maintaining communication systems.Everyone is relying to the communication technology nowadays.This essay is going to discuss the current issues and development surrounding.

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81 of the votes agreed saying yes. Eliminates stereotypical classifications, communication essay technology puts every thing were it is supposed. Bikes and boats that we use in our everyday life. Will use tools like electronic mail or instant text messaging services to ask for help from their workmates with in the organization.

These new means of communication have helped individuals who prefer to avoid contact with others have a way to be comfortable while gaining various relationships.So the organization must pay an extra cost to keep this information safe.