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Fast food causes obesity essay

hospitals, overeating. Its important to obtain a healthy diet or the effects can be horrific of many chronic health risks such as: obesity, heart disease, Insulin Resistance, diabetes, and or even death. The outrageous amount of fast food that people consume in a week is becoming unbelievable. The only positive of fast food restaurants is their convenience. One cause of obesity in todays society is over eating. Big Breakfast Platter from McDonalds. Leading a healthy lifestyle is the only way of preventing as well as getting rid of obesity. With the ultra convenience of fast food restaurants, the abundance of such available food causes many health risks throughout the society. However, at the same time, fast food is contributing to a big social problem in the United States. However, as consumption of fast food has risen over the last three decades, so too have occurrences of several health issues fast food causes obesity essay and diseases related to fast food and unhealthy eating habits. Cause and Effect of Obesity Essay.Article Source: ml Overweight and obesity is the second leading cause of death, killing 300,000 people a year. Moreover, it is designed to come in small packaging so that people can consume it while travelling.

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An individual can suffer from joint pain. This hormone is responsible for regulating blood sugar in the body. Essay about Cause and Effect, the easiest and most efficient way to find fraction topics out if you are obese is to check your body mass index. Because of the stress on the legs and hip due to being overweight. There are several reasons why fast food had become popular over the years. What are the risks associated with obesity. In 1994 the rates of obesity across all 50 states did not exceed 19 of the population. As human been should pay attention to what we eat because it will be reflected in the future. Also low income families have a hard time affording healthy foods to cook.

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Obesity puts extra pressure on the heart in order to draw enough oxygen contract for the tissues and cells in the body. Well, later on, why it has become so popular. You May Also Find These Documents Helpful. The arteryclogging saturated and hydrogenated fats.