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Focus on the learner assignment

recently emailed to ask me the following question: How do I know which language points to focus on when writing the Focus on the Learner Assignment? While their reasons for learning English varied from student to student, the most common reasons included wanting to further their careers and being able to interact with other people more comfortably. This induced a flurry of (incorrect) responses including window and steam train. Student A is happy with the amount of vocabulary that he has learnt to date, and he felt that he understood most ofthe vocabulary taught in his previous course. In addition, Arsen handled a reading exercise well. Which reasons given are examples of intrinsic motivation, and which are extrinsic? So, my advice is to GET TO know your students as soon as possible, from day ONE! Diana is mostly visual and audial learner. She is 21 years old. First, heres a brief outline of what well talk about in this post. However, i t is necessary in English to make the sentence grammatically correct. He hasnt yet visited an English speaking country, but has spoken English on holiday in Holland and Italy, with other Englishlearners. Virtually every member of Student As class regularly makes this mistake. During the observed lessons she could not say couple of words correctly, namely, she pronounced fear as /fju and lawyer as /l? Is there much variation amongst the individual members of the class? Id studied Spanish and French for my undergraduate degree but nothing close to an East African language! With respect to dealing with not understanding, some of the more confident students would ask the teacher about certain words or concepts, whilst others had a tendency to look up words in their dictionary or ask their neighbour. Her background is as follows: * Dianas first language is Kazakh, but you can say that Russian is her first language as well, since at home thief she uses the first one, and for education the second. However, it can be quite hard to judge their errors because you have very little time to do this. From her family she has learnt that communication is the key to surviving into a boys world, and she has learnt to speak their language. And whats assignment 1? What time do we have to return?

Focus on the learner assignment

Just let me know in the bullying comments on this page or on Twitter stephenbeale. This was clear from the outset. Rather than Subject Verb Object like English blew me away. He saidwhen I assisted the professional institution. And the last, the above appears to be better motivation for language learning than for somebody whos been forced to go by their approach parents after school but not always. The next 300 to 350 would be an analysis of the students language problems This will then be followed by another 300350 word section suggesting activities for them to improve their English. Helping the learner For further work. Before We Begin, and all this to be handed in by early week. For example, it would be better to ask Why do you like English. His reading is also quite poor.

Celta, focus on the Learner Assignment - Free download as PDF File (.pdf Text File (.txt) or read online for free.Focus on the Learner Assignment, celta.Christophe is from France and French is his mother tongue.

For the following skills areas reading. However, as Spanish and Catalan do not alway s bubble writing online require the subject. Getting the students permission, and he knows that it is animportant aspect of improving his English.

Using Books to Help With celta Assignment 1 You will need to refer to different books to show that youre reading around the topic and that you are aware of the different academic thoughts on these things.He was obviously thinking of the Spanish /Catalan verb, asistir, whichmeans to attend.In fluency speaking, Student B mostly speaks and responds to questions with little or no hesitation.