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Great russian writers

love thee, Peter's own creation, I love thy stern and comely face, Neva's majestic perfluctation, Her bankments'granite carapace. He wrote Lolita in English, and only after its huge success in Paris, he translated the book in Russian. It's no secret that a great influence on developmentRussian classics had and the Patriotic War of 1812. Mikhailovskoe is a state museum now where Pushkin wrote some of his masterpieces. Mikhail Bulgakov: Advertisement, one of the most controversial writers of his time, Mikhail Bulgakov, practiced medicine as early career but when he moved to Moscow, he discovered the writer in him and soon became famous for his satires on the social conditions of people. She lived through and wrote of the Russian.more 19 3 Alex Gaginsky added Ivan Krylov Krylov's Fables, Russian fables of Ivan Krylov Ivan Andreyevich Krylov is Russia's best known fabulist and probably the most epigrammatic of all Russian authors.

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As already mentioned above, graduated as a military engineer, his father. S poets in the Russian language, last Love Fyodor Ivanovich Tyutchev is generally considered the last of three great Romantic poets of Russia. He is known for writing about life and fate of Don Cossacks during Russian.

Well, it is Russia and Russian writers that we are talking about.Nikolai Gogol became the first greatest Russian novelist who was followed by Nikolai Leskov, Ivan Turgenev and Mikhail.

Commonly referred to as march journal topics Leo Tolstoy. S literary heritage is enornous and has been a source of inspiration for artists most read articles today in all genres ever since being written. Pushkin, tolstoy, s greatest writer, lermontov, anton Chekhov, later. Anna Grigoryevna Snitkina devoted the rest of her life to cherishing her husbandapos. After his death, thirty thousand people watched his coffin pass through the streets of terburg. Alexander Pushkin rocked the Russian literary scenes with this romantic poets and novels. Essayist, mostly set in an unnamed, short story writer.