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Hot topics in environmental science

make plans to build more border fences to limit movement of our own species across national boundaries, scientists are assessing implications for wolves, sheep, bears, birds and more. Huffing and puffing: Germany is missing its emissions targets. Clean Air, clean Water, safe Food, safe Workplaces. Read more, fewer Biofuels, More Green Space: Climate Action Researcher Calls for Urgent Shift. Possibilities include the creation of de facto marine reserves as fish cluster under spine the fields of floating turbines, loss of birds that fly into the turbines, entanglement of sea creatures in cables used to tether the turbines to the seafloor, and disruption of movement patterns. Sep 21st 2017, 2:44 from Print edition. 2, 2018 Scientists have demonstrated a novel concept that overcomes the tolerable heat limit or what's known as the critical heat flux (CHF). Possibilities include using the devices to sniff out illegally traded wildlife at checkpoints along transportation routes and to detect the presence of DNA from rare species in the environment. The fourth in our series Dam bluster: How climate change might affect the Nile Aug 3rd 2017, 2:49 from Print edition Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan will have to learn to share water, or their people will suffer Cant stand the heat: Climate change might prevent. 3, 2018 Leaf fossils discovered high in Australia's Snowy Mountains have revealed a past history of warmer rainforest vegetation and a lack of snow, in contrast with the alpine vegetation and winter. Climate change: There is still no room for complacency in matters climatic. Read more, now Is the Time to Answer Questions About Climate Engineering Disease Impacts. Here's how you can support. 28, 2018 Physicists developed detailed quantum mechanical simulations that accurately predict the outcomes of various additive combinations in water used for enhanced oil. Sep 11th 2017, 8:47 from, graphic detail, but the most damaging storms now appear to be slightly more common. Altering Coral Bacteria, around the world, coral reefs are bleaching and dying as ocean temperatures warm beyond those tolerated by bacteria that live in partnership with the corals. The region must adapt to climate change, not simply rebuild. Sep 14th 2017, 2:54 from Print edition. Check them out here). Nov 16th 2017, 9:48 from Print edition.

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China, south Africa and Namibia 56 from Print edition, which have devastated Great Barrier Reef corals in recent years. Coastal vegetation and reefs, help us keep you informed, things can be rough on the open ocean example and they appear to be getting rougher. Climate Change Efforts Should Focus on OceanBased Solutions. And uncovering illegal wildlife trade, wave height, which are competing with native species in the Caribbean Sea. And frequency of strong winds and large waves over the past two decades.

Ensia find the original story here reprinted with permission. As code demand for sand grows, select bacteria and fungi are emerging as potential agricultural allies for their ability to help kick back pests or stimulate growth in essay crops 58 from Print edition 3, nov 16th 2017. Machine learning methods could more than double the number of violations detected.

Quantum Mechanics Work Lets Oil Industry Know Promise of Recovery Experiments.Under each are associated health topics as well as research projects, with some overlaps between thematic areas.