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Malcolm x research paper outline

be taken up by"tions so paraphrase, and use only the important part of the". Write a detailed outline of the body paragraphs. Also document your textual references, both direct and indirect, with page numbers so that I can clearly follow your point of view. For example, you can discuss whether Malcolm was a racist and why you think. Let unity, coherence and development be your guidelines!

Unity can be achieved research by including a very specific The Autobiography of Malcolm X sentence and by making sure that everything in the paragraph belongs with that The Autobiography of Malcolm. Keep your readers in mind, do not hesitate to cut unnecessary details and add something that will make your paper complete. Also do not make qualitative statements that will diminish your authority. You can revise and clarify it later if you need. Make sure that your statement is arguable and presents your personal point of view.

Malcolm x research paper outline. Canadian charter of rights and freedoms section 2 article 4

Consult your and instructor and ask questions. Get an expert to write your essay. You can also analyze the effects of the death of his father on his future. Get quickly to your own points. Body Paragraphs 90 page, you can claim that the loss of the father at the early age caused a serious psychological trauma that Malcolm had to deal with throughout his entire life. Introductory Paragraph for The Autobiography of Malcolm X Research Paper. Remember about the length of your assignment and keep your essay as brief as possible by writing about the most important points. If you have any doubts whether your outline is wellwritten. Make sure that evaluation does not impede the completion of interpretation.

Racial identity essay

No man in history demonstrated the struggle, anger, and strong African- American beliefs like Malcolm.The black Americans cultural movement which was rampant in the 20s diminished in the 30s as a result of the great depression whereby attention was diverted to the economic issues.Development is the product of using sufficient examples (especially evidence from the text analysis and explanation.