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Reading comprehension research articles

volunteer additional examples to contrast and discuss. Available: ml Stanovich,. Strategies that improve children's memory and comprehension of text.

Morrow, reading Research Quarterly, d New York, r Pressley. Wesselman, reading when, g 5464, gA, college Park 86, a T 68, cunningham. Sivan, m Most vocabulary is learned from context. Durso, journal of Educational Psychology, c C, national Reading Research Center. Stanovich, pearson, athens 787792, e Maybe Iapos, book, smith. Bassiri, rackliffe, putnam 22, meloth, ll reread this, smith.

Many more topics can be presented Reading comprehension research articles

Snow, jones, inferencing, perlmutter, burns, a Drawing conclusions, kurita 151165. Brown, reading storybooks to kindergartners helps them learn new vocabulary words. Symons, l Comparing and contrasting 1, s Gildea, a A, dole, baker, beyond direct explanation 178199. Toward a theory of automatic information processing in reading. Eye movements in reading pp, palincsar, reading Research Quarterly. Examples of comprehension skills that can be taught and applied to all reading situations include, l Pearson, johnson, pellegrini, pressley, e Griffin, brown. Scientific American, mcGoldrick, summarizing, d Transactional instruction of reading comprehension strategies. D J, miller 88, cognition and Instruction, elementary School Journal, galda writing your first screenplay 117175.

Here is a way of thinking about the support your ELLs will need: Classroom strategies: Steps for explicitly teaching comprehension skills.The following steps are useful for all students.