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Restated articles of incorporation ontario

Companys stockholders for the election of directors. The number of authorized shares of Common Stock or Preferred Stock may be increased or decreased (but not below the number of shares of Common Stock or Preferred Stock then outstanding) by the affirmative vote of the holders of a majority of the stock. At each annual meeting of shareholders, commencing with the first regularly-scheduled annual meeting of shareholders following the Effective Time, each of the persons elected as a director of the Class of directors whose term shall have expired at such annual meeting shall be elected to hold. (b) An Acquisition or Asset Transfer shall constitute a Liquidation Event. (f) Reservation of Stock. Threshold Date means 5:00.m. The certificate shall set forth such adjustment or readjustment, showing in detail the facts upon which such adjustment or readjustment is based, including a statement of (i) the consideration received or deemed to be received by the Company articles for any Additional Shares of Common Stock. Upon any conversion of shares of Class B Common Stock to Class A Common Stock, all rights of the holder (as of immediately prior to such conversion) of such shares of Class B Common Stock shall cease and the person, persons, entity or entities entitled. Founder means either Richard Barton or Lloyd Frink, each as a natural living person, and Founders means both of them. The Effective Price of Additional Shares of Common Stock shall mean the"ent determined by dividing the total number of Additional Shares of Common Stock issued or sold, or deemed to have been issued or sold by the Company under this Section 5(h into the Aggregate. Unless otherwise specifically provided in the resolution establishing any series of Preferred Stock, the Board of Directors shall further have the authority, after the issuance of shares of a series whose number it has designated, to amend the resolution establishing such series to decrease the. 6.2 Classified Board Structure From and after the effectiveness of these Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation (the Effective Time the directors, other than any who may be elected by the holders of any series of Preferred Stock under specified circumstances, shall be divided into. Thereupon, there shall be issued and delivered to such holder promptly at such office and in its name as shown on such surrendered certificate or certificates, a certificate or certificates for the number of shares of Common Stock into which the shares of Series Preferred. (h) Sale of Shares Below Series Preferred Conversion Price. NO reliance ON controlled company exemption At any time during which shares of capital stock of this corporation are listed for trading on the Securities Exchange, this corporation shall not rely upon the exemptions from the corporate governance rules and requirements of the Securities Exchange. (o) Payment of Taxes. The Company shall at all times reserve and keep available out of its authorized but unissued shares of Common Stock, solely for the purpose of effecting the conversion of the shares of the Series Preferred, such number of its shares of Common Stock as shall. (c subdivision or Combination. (2) The restatement may include one or more amendments to the articles. If the number of directors is hereafter changed, any newly created directorships or decrease in directorships shall be so apportioned among the classes as to make all classes as nearly equal in number as is practicable, provided that no decrease in the number of directors. Subject to the preferences applicable to any series of Preferred Stock, if any, outstanding incorporation at any time, shares of Class A Common Stock and Class B Common Stock shall be treated equally, identically and ratably, on a per share basis, with respect to any Distribution. (e) Conversion of Class B Common Stock. Directors.1 Board Size Except as otherwise provided in these Articles, the total number of authorized directors constituting the Board of Directors shall be fixed from time to time solely by the Board of Directors pursuant to a resolution adopted by a majority of the. If at any time or from time to time on or after the Original Issue Date the Common Stock issuable upon the conversion of the Series Preferred is changed into the same or a different number of shares of any class or classes of stock. Except as otherwise expressly provided in these Articles or required by applicable law, shares of Class A Common Stock and shares of Class B Common Stock shall have the same rights and privileges and rank equally, share ratably and be identical in all respects.

Restated articles of incorporation ontario. Comic books articles

The outstanding shares of Series Preferred shall be converted automatically without any further action by the holders of such shares and whether or not the certificates representing such shares are surrendered. The Series Preferred Conversion Price as adjusted upon the issuance of such rights. Common Stock and, if any such rights or options or the conversion privilege represented by any such Convertible Securities shall expire without having been exercised 000, c If the minimum amount of consideration payable to the Company upon the exercise or conversion of rights. Before any holder of Class B Common Stock shall be entitled to convert voluntarily some or all shares of such holders Class B Common Stock into incorporation shares of Class A Common Stock pursuant to Section 000 1, preferred Stock, except as otherwise provided herein.

Articles means the original or restated.Techstars' standard, restated, articles.

The stockholders shall also have the power to andrew coyne article on trump adopt. This Amended and Restated Certificate of Incorporation has been duly adopted in accordance with the provisions of Sections 242 and 245 of the dgcl by the stockholders of the Company. Amend or repeal the Bylaws, such Additional Shares of Common Stock shall be deemed issued immediately upon the occurrence of the first event that. Duly endorsed, for the purposes of the preceding sentence. At a meeting of shareholders called expressly for that purpose. And shall, provided, prior to the Threshold Date, the directors of the Company need not be elected by written ballot unless the Bylaws so provide. At the office of the Company or any transfer agent for the Series Preferred. Including the entire Board of Directors. May be removed with or without cause by the holders of the shares entitled to elect the director or directors. Any adjustment under this Section 5e shall become effective at the close of business on the date the subdivision or combination becomes effective.

(iv) For the purpose of the adjustment required under this Section 5(h if the Company issues or sells (x) Preferred Stock or other stock, options, warrants, purchase rights or other securities convertible into, Additional Shares of Common Stock (such convertible stock or securities being herein referred.(vi) In the event that the Company issues or sells, or is deemed to have issued or sold, Additional shares of Common Stock in a Qualifying Dilutive Issuance (the First Dilutive Issuance then in the event that the Company issues or sells, or is deemed.Such notice shall state the number of shares of Series Preferred being converted.