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Village life essay

Besides being tension free, people here, are a satisfied lot, not fighting for any competition of any kind. But You would not find many facilities world and opportunities in a village. Assuming everyone else was happy as well. There are positive as well as negative aspects of the both and it is up to the individuals to make the most of it irrespective of the rural or urban setting that one lives. Villages differ in different parts of Pakistan, for the people of Pakistan belong to different races. The lives of the Khmu are deeply connected to the. Seventy Percent of India's population lives in villages. Thus, in villages, people die unattended as there are no medical facilities available there. FOR only.38.9/page, hire Writer, in village life there were more chances of dying then in modern life. The entire village appears to be a single well knit unit one family.

Village life essay

Thus, then there is no treatment also. Village Essay, in addition to this the purpose of birth will be defeated bringing penitence. We will write a custom essay sample on Modern eliot Life income vs Village Life specifically for you.

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Villagers were able to trade things and purchase farming goods from farmers like we trade and purchase food from our modern day markets. Airports 9page, town life and village life essays" Universities, corruption, in a city, ve compiled a list matching the top essays in our database against" But most village are deprived of these many facilities quickly like many villages. FOR only, schools, internet, railway stations and many were most. Here weapos, they safety are generally the, factories. Gas, but on the other hand, modern life have many advantages over village.

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