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Why are idioms used in writing

an old washing machine as well as a hundred men in battle. Idioms are found in every language and learning them is an important aspect of mastery of language. Between a rock and a hard place: stuck between two very bad options. An idiom is a group of words in which the meaning of this group is different than what would be expected. While there is certainly no harm in observing this rule in one's own writing, insisting on it in the writing of others may seem petty. When confronted with fixed exspressions like bob's burgers hot topic clichés or proverbs, they often seem to have idiomatic qualities and no clear line presents itself as to when one cannot be another. Originally, when there was the British English form, it meant exactly the opposite. On the pages of a newspaper one can find not only news and comments on it, but also stories and poems, crossword puzzles and the like. Whys The cause or intention underlying a given action or situation: studying the whys of antisocial behavior. Some of these units remind the Passive Voice in their structure but they have different prepositions with them, while in the Passive Voicewe can have only prepositions «by» or»with.g. They are highly idiomatic and cannot be translated word for word into other languages, the meaning of the components has no connection.g.

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There is no denying that idioms put most learners of English through their paces as the former seem to crop up without rhyme or reason.Even an introductory article concerning idioms.

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